Summary of Issues Leading to Lawsuit by Recall Gascon Proponents


Recall Gascon petition organizers made public on October 10th their intention to file a lawsuit against the L.A. County Registrar Recorders office. A lawsuit was filed October 18th

Allegations in the lawsuit against the LAC Registrar Recorders office include:

  • Counting process was seriously flawed
  • Substantial errors including
    • Wrongful invalidation of many valid signatures
    • Disqualification of thousands of voters
  • ​​Findings necessitate a complete and timely review of all invalidated signatures. This review is currently being obstructed by the Registrar’s office​
  • Volunteer attorneys have reviewed invalidated signatures and “legitimate challenges” have been identified for 39% of those tossed.
  • Dean Logan placed “arbitrary and capricious limitations” on the review process which determined whether the invalid signatures are legitimate:
    • Number of hours
    • Workstations
    • Number of reviewers to information 
  • Under the current restrictions imposed by the Registrar, it will take more than a year to review the invalidated signatures

Cause for a recall petition included Gascon actions:

  • Soft on crime
  • Pushing progressive policies on prosecutors
  • Eliminating cash bail (Actually this is the ruling of Judge
  • Not seeking the death penalty
  • Reluctance to trying juveniles as adults.

The Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder office reported concerning signatures:

  • Required: 566,857 
  • Submitted: 717,000
  • Valid of those received: 520,050
  • Amount short of required: 46,807
  • Difference between submitted & valid signatures: 196,950


  • 90,000 not registered to vote
  • 45,000 were duplicates
  • Total disqualified 135,000
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This "lawsuit" amounts to a failed campaign whose consultants and committee members lied to Angelenos and now are trying to blame the Registrar for their incompetence and negligence for not doing the job they duped donors out of over $8 million to do yet failed to deliver. Unless your intent is to expose borderline fraudulent behavior of the committee, reporting on their fictious allegations only undermines democracy and demoralizes turnout amongst voters who think nothing they do matters. It does matter. Rather, the ones who need to be held accountable are the ones who repeatedly fail to deliver and who really are responsible for the demoralizing downturn of response and results.

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