962 Patents Issued to California Inventors/Companies Wk 14


A smaller group of patents were issued this week to companies based in or with a noted link, to the San Fernando Valley
  1. US 11,944,213 B1 SHELVING RACK WITH MOVEABLE DIVIDERS AND LOCKING FRONT BAR  V. John Ondrasik, Jr., Granada Hills, CA (US)
  2. US 11,944,435 B2 SYSTEM AND PROCEDURE FOR STABILIZING, STORING AND RECOVERING BLOOD SAMPLES  Randy Ringold, West Hills, CA (US); Kyle Wilson, Simi Valley, CA (US); Tyson Ringold, Toronto (CA); and Ekaterina Pesherov, Encino, CA (US) Appl. No. 16/622,040
    Filed by VDI Laboratory, LLC, Simi Valley, CA (US) 
  3. US 11,944,784 B2 COMBINED ANALYTE SENSOR AND INFUSION SET Guangping Zhang, Calabasas, CA (US); Kiem H. Dang, Northridge, CA (US); Valerie Chen, Santa Clarita, CA (US); Ling Jiang, Northridge, CA (US); Evan Anselmo, Northridge, CA (US); Zhiwu Fang, Newbury Park, CA (US); and Sarnath Chattaraj, Simi Valley, CA (US) Assigned to Medtronic Minimed, Inc., Northridge, CA (US)
  4. US 11,944,786 B2  INFUSION DEVICE Jacob E. Pananen, Agoura Hills, CA (US); and Ellis Garai, Studio City, CA (US) Assigned to Medtronic MiniMed, Inc., Northridge, CA (US) Filed by Medtronic MiniMed, Inc., Northridge, CA (US)  Filed on Jan. 18, 2021, as Appl. No. 17/151,385.
  5. US 11,944,798 B2 DRUG CASSETTE, AUTOINJECTOR, AND AUTOINJECTOR SYSTEM R. Paul Mounce, Burbank, CA (US); Clinton Judd, Oxnard, CA (US); Suhas Krishna, Simi Valley, CA (US); Neal Johnston, Dallas, TX (US); Gordon Johnston, Dallas, TX (US); Giorgio Sardo, Milan (IT); Gabriele Ganzitti, Milan (IT); and Hong Jun Yeh, Newbury Park, CA (US) Assigned to AMGEN INC., Thousand Oaks, CA (US) 
  6. US 11,944,766 B2 INTRAVASCULAR CATHETER INSERTION DEVICE  Sean S. Farley, Hidden Hills, CA (US); and Hunter Cordeiro, Monrovia, CA (US) Assigned to Truecath Inc, Camarillo, CA (US) 
  7. US 11,944,816 B2 PARESTHESIA-FREE SPINAL CORD STIMULATION OCCURRING AT LOWER FREQUENCIES AND SWEET SPOT SEARCHING USING PARESTHESIA  Que T. Doan, West Hills, CA (US); Jianwen Gu, Valencia, CA (US); Ismael Huertas Fernandez, Madrid (ES); Rosana Esteller, Santa Clarita, CA (US); and Michael A. Moffitt, Saugus, CA (US) Assigned to Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation, Valencia, CA (US) 
  8. US 11,944,862 B2  MULTIFUNCTIONAL KETTLEBELL EXERCISE DEVICE  Toussaint Orfeu Booker, Sylmar, CA (US)  Filed by Toussaint Orfeu Booker, Sylmar, CA (US) 
  9. US 11,945,371 B2 FIXED ANGLE CAR MOUNT FOR A MOBILE DEVICE Fernando Mora, Reseda, CA (US); Alejandro Baca, Sherman Oaks, CA (US); Mydul R. Islam, Los Angeles, CA (US); and Kevin H Vuong, Baldwin Park, CA (US) Assigned to 1Lss Inc., Los Angeles, CA (US) 
  10. US 11,945,614 B2  SEALANT CARTRIDGE AIR RELEASE APPARATUS AND METHODS  Paul Kuchinski, Valley Village, CA (US); Ralph Roppo, Snohomish, WA (US); and Oscar Santillan, Camarillo, CA (US)
    Assigned to PRC-DESOTO INTERNATIONAL, INC., Sylmar, CA (US) 
  11. US D1,021,123 S FACIAL MASSAGER Sujata Bahri, Santa Monica, CA (US) Assigned to ASA UNIVERSAL INC., Woodland Hills, CA (US) 
  12. US 11,949,566 B2 METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIA FOR TESTING A SYSTEM UNDER TEST USING A PROCESSING NODE COMMUNICATIONS MODEL Winston Wencheng Liu, Woodland Hills, CA (US); Dan Mihailescu, Mogosoaia (RO); and Matthew R. Bergeron, Sunol, CA (US) Assigned to KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES, INC., Santa Rosa, CA (US) 
  13. US 11,949,562 B2 SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GROUP BANDWIDTH MANAGEMENT IN A COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS NETWORK Vadim Olshansky, Tarzana, CA (US) Assigned to Nomadix, Inc., Woodland Hills, CA (US) 
  14. US 11,949,200 B1 LED CONTROLLER AND WIRING CONNECTOR Sammy Beavers, Pasadena, CA (US); and Joshua Kubizne, Northridge, CA (US) Assigned to BirdBones Inc, Pasadena, CA (US) 
  15. US 11,948,671 B2 INTELLIGENT ACCESSORIES FOR MEDICINE DISPENSING DEVICE Jack Pryor, San Diego, CA (US); Arnold Holmquist, San Diego, CA (US); Michael Mensinger, San Diego, CA (US); Sean Saint, San Diego, CA (US); and Cory McCluskey, San Diego, CA (US) Assigned to Medtronic MiniMed, Inc., Northridge, CA (US) 
  16. US 11,947,390 B2 EYEWEAR DEVICE CHARGING CASE John Bernard Ardisana, II, Torrance, CA (US); Emily Lauren Clopp, Santa Monica, CA (US); Teodor Dabov, Los Angeles, CA (US); Mathias Hintermann, Playa Vista, CA (US); Jinwoo Kim, Culver City, CA (US); Jun Lin, Sherman Oaks, CA (US); and Ashutosh Y. Shukla, Playa Vista, CA (US) Assigned to Snap Inc., Santa Monica, CA (US) 
  17. US 11,947,349 B2 METHODS AND APPARATUSES FOR ENGAGEMENT MANAGEMENT OF AERIAL THREATS  James Kolanek, Goleta, CA (US); Behshad Baseghi, Santa Barbara, CA (US); David Sharpin, Simi Valley, CA (US); Anthony Visco, Woodland Hills, CA (US); and Falin Shieh, Calabasas, CA (US) Assigned to Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, Plymouth, MN (US)
More News from Los Angeles
  • Chatter & Listening in Public Spaces The arrest of a person setting off explosions in Pasadena was accomplished by law enforcement use of ShotSpotter. "chatter" was used in April in an attempt to find a pedestrian.
  • 15 Mile Per Hour School Zone Ten years after LADOT launched its Safe Routes to School Strategic Plan with 15mph zone, when children are present, there is ambiguity if it is completed at the initial 45 schools.
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