Street Vending Laws vs Mobile Food Facilities


Food trucks and carts are regulated as a Mobile Food Facility by the LA County Health Department AND they have to pay taxes and fees to the City. Therefore, if a mobile cart is shut down it could be for failure to pay taxes and fees to the City rather than any negligence in handling food.

A civilized community is solely the responsibility of the citizens who:

  • Elect officials who in turn
    • write equitable and timely laws
    • create laws in response to a referendum (petition/ballot)
    • appoint and hire law enforcement to enforce those law
    • refuse to yield to political ambition, monetary benefits, or foreign influence
  • Respect the process of liberty using a court to settle conflict
  • Respect & obey the laws enacted
  • Voluntarily respond with civility; or use the court as a safe venue to settle conflicts

February 2017: The L.A. City Council voted to decriminalize the 10,000 street vendors operating on Los Angeles sidewalks. The decriminalization of street vendors was motivated by a few members of the City Council reacting in January 2017, to the new President enforcing a national crackdown on immigrants entering the country illegally. At that time, it was still a misdemeanor offense under Los Angeles Municipal Code 42.00(b). The City Council needed to go through the Controller, District Attorney, and City attorney in order to change the municipal code.

January 2021: Four years later the L.A. City Council outlined the process for street vendors & mobile food vendors to legally sell produce or product and announced a fee increase. Vending Permit Type | Bureau of Street Services . The CITY agency overseeing selling ANYTHING on the streets is StreetsLA which has a very broad realm of authority. What We Do | Bureau of Street Services

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