50% of 2019-2022 Los Angeles Pedestrian Fatalities via Train Were in the SFV


Five pedestrian fatalities involving trains have occurred in 2022; twelve in 2021, six in 2020, and thirteen in 2019. Most alarming is 50% of forty-six total were in the SFV.

The Los Angeles Fire Department details on train accidents are available via an alert to posts on Twitter which includes a link to further details and an update.  The accumulation of data is easily formulated using www.Tweetdeck.Twitter.com.  These are the incidents in the SFV with a pedestrian fatality via a train or train track discovery of the person killed.  There is no distinction or further details which would indicate if the pedestrian willfully entered the path of the train. Neither is there any details of the identity of the pedestrian.

  • Sun Valley had seven incidents between 2019 and 2022
  • Pacoima, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Downtown L.A., and Central Alameda each had four incidents between 2019 and 2022

2022 had 7 incidents in total of which 6 involved pedestrians with 5 fatalities city wide

2021 had 13 incidents in total of which 12 involved pedestrians with 9 fatalities city wide.

2020 had 11 incidents in total of which 6 involved pedestrians with 5 fatalities city wide.

2019 had 15 incidents in total of which 13 involved pedestrians with 8 fatalities city wide.

Pedestrian - Train fatalities in the San Fernando Valley 2022-2019:

Year Date City Link
2022 9/23 Sun Valley bit.ly/3C5BGWC
2022 9/13 Van Nuys bit.ly/3d8hsCe
2022 8/10 Sun Valley bit.ly/3zLXUuC
2022 6/24 North Hollywood bit.ly/3zLXUuC
2021 11/3 Sun Valley bit.ly/2ZRT2pe
2021 3/15 Sun Valley bit.ly/3cDBTlX
2021 3/10 Van Nuys bit.ly/2N8QPA0
2020 11/6 Sun Valley bit.ly/32BGlxJ
2020 8/10 Sun Valley tinyurl.com/y66mtft5


4/7 Pacoima bit.ly/2Lbur1J
2019 12/30 North Hollywood tinyurl.com/v9avrao
2019 12/7 Pacoima tinyurl.com/w55ohjg
2019 9/30 North Hollywood tinyurl.com/yyjwcpxc


Granada Hills tinyurl.com/y3pn34q5


Northridge tinyurl.com/y5k7t6uo
2019 6/2 Sun Valley tinyurl.com/y4wt9zrz
2019 2/14 Van Nuys tinyurl.com/yy4pgwjx
2019 1/3 Northridge tinyurl.com/yalocwux
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