Topanga Plaza is Westfield Topanga 60 Years Later


Topanga Plaza opened in Canoga Park 2/10/24 with anchor stores such as May Company, Montgomery Ward, and The Broadway. Adjacent to the food court was an ice skating rink!

The Topanga Mall was developed by May Centers Co., a subsidiary of the May Department Stores Company,  which became CenterMark.  It was later purchased by British owned Westfield 

 Montgomery Ward closed in 2001 - their property was reconfigured to become Target.  The Broadway was acquired by Macys in 1996 and the store was replaced by Sears which had moved from Fallbrook Mall in West Hills.  Sears morphed into  new construction of a food court and AMC movie venue. Nordstroms's was built as an addition on the West side  but they moved in 2005 as part of the enlargement of the South side of the mall.   The original May Company on the North end of the mall became Macy's in 2006 and remains there.

A post on the Westfield Topanga Instagram Account gave a nod to Valley Relics Museum for their photo's of the early days of the mall.

The Ice Capades chalet skating rink was a lure to younger people during the hot summer days from areas as far away as Hollywood.

Additional photos can be seen on the Facebook site for Pleasant Family Shopping as well as comments on Reddit: LA, back then. (  

Even DenverMart has an article about the mall, from 2022, although the focus of the article is the new additions and improvements. A Brief History Of The Topanga Mall | Denver Mart

Flicker detailed the "rain fountain" as "created by droplets of recirculated glycerine slowly descending along the wetted lines"  Topanga Plaza - Canoga Park, California | Rain Fountain From… | Flickr

The Los Angeles Public Library  Photo Collection - TESSA details Topanga Plaza opened today - 

The Mister Vintage website offers insight: The iconic Topanga Plaza Mall, Canoga Park, California and its fabulous "Rain Fountain" 

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