Rape Kit Backlog - A Story From 2011 Reappears


The backlog of Rape Kits in 2011 in Los Angeles were eliminated to 2008. California is uncommitted to testing/eliminating a backlog. The County has created a Sexual Assault Council.

Rape Kit Reform Six Pillars 

California has achieved five of six pillars of rape kit reform. To reach comprehensive rape kit reform, the state must mandate the testing of previously untested kits.”

  • · Statewide Inventory
  • · Backlogged Kits - California has not committed to testing its backlogged kits.
  • · Test New Kits
  • · Implement Tracking System
  • · Victim’s Right to Know
  • · Fund Reform

20 States have ELIMINATED their backlog Pillar: Test Backlogged Kits – End The Backlog

The long arduous process surrounding reporting a sexual assault makes the rape-kit backlog an extreme injustice. Here's What Happens When You Report a Sexual Assault In Los Angeles | LAist

A Board of Supervisor candidate purports he will focus on the Rape Kit Backlog but no other details are presented by the City, County, or State.

September 27, 2022 Motion by Supervisors Sheila Kuehl & Hilda L. Solis   
Creating a Sexual Assault Council in Los Angeles County to Support Survivors
and Prevent Sexual Violence  Motion_2004 (lacounty.gov)

"Despite the magnitude of sexual violence, there is no County entity focused on coordinating response and prevention services for sexual violence. An informal Sexual Assault Council existed in the County from 2001-2006. This group helped to build support systems, developed Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) standards, advocated to change the law around notification of DNA kit testing, supported a new rape kit lab at Cal State LA, and identified practices to reduce the DNA kit backlog."

July 2022 Orange County DA announced they have cleared a 30yr backlog of untested sexual assault kits. Orange County District Attorney's Office clears 30-year backlog of untested rape kits - CBS Los Angeles (cbsnews.com)

March 2022 omnibus appropriations bill, HR2471 passed Fairness for Rape Kit Backlog Survivors Act in 2022 Omnibus Appropriations Bill – End The Backlog

Included key legislation and funding

  • Protect and support survivors
  • Prevent violence
  • Address the rape kit backlog

April 2011 Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced the elimination of the city’s backlog of 6,123 untested rape kits through December 2008. During the process of uploading DNA samples there were 753 hits in the FBI’s national DNA database CODIS.

Concern was expressed whether the LAPD will be able to avoid a subsequent backlog, especially in light of budgetary woes in Los Angeles and throughout the state of California” Rape Kit Backlog Eliminated NR11182kr - LAPD Online

2009 Human Rights Watch releases a report, “Testing Justice” which brought attention to the public of a rape-kit backlog in Los Angeles. With a backlog of 12,000 kits it was the largest backlog in the United States. The City of Los Angeles Eliminates Historical Rape Kit Backlog | Human Rights Watch (hrw.org)

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