853 Patents Issued 2022 Week #43 to Inventor or Assignee from California


The Official Gazette for Patents, published Tuesdays in electronic form, contains bibliographic text, a representative claim, & applicable drawing of each patent issued that week

Congratulations to these twenty-two inventors & assignees in the San Fernando Valley & nearby

KNITTED TEXTILE METHODS Assigned to Global Apparel Partners Inc., Malibu, CA (US) US 11,478,033 B2 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11478033-20221025.html

PRECISION LOW-DOSE,LOW-WASTE SYRINGES AND ERGONOMIC ATTACHMENTS THEREFOR Assigned to Innomed Technologies, Inc., Encino, CA (US) US 11,478,586 B2 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11478586-20221025.html

TUBE-CUT HELICAL FIXATION ANCHOR FOR ELECTROTHERAPY DEVICE Assigned to PACESETTER, INC., Sylmar, CA (US) US 11,478,636 B2 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11478636-20221025.html

SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MANUFACTURING HEADER SUBASSEMBLY Assigned to PACESETTER, INC., Sylmar (CA) Dino Bortolin, Camarillo, CA (US); and Ofer Rosenzweig, Chatsworth, CA (US) US 11,478,651 B2 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11478651-20221025.html

IMPLANTABLE MEDICAL DEVICE WITH MODULAR INJECTION MOLDED HEADER ASSEMBLY AND RELATED METHODS OF MANUFACTURE Assigned to Pacesetter Inc., Sylmar, CA (US) US 11,478,652 B2 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11478652-20221025.html

EXERCISE MACHINE Sebastien Anthony Louis Lagree, Burbank, CA Assigned to Lagree Technologies, Inc., Chatsworth, CA (US) US 11,478,677 B2 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11478677-20221025.html

PORTAL DEVICE AND COOPERATING VIDEO GAME MACHINE Jon Burton, Malibu, CA (US) Assigned to WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC., Burbank, CA (US) US 11,478,695 B2 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11478695-20221025.html

BOAT MOTION SIMULATOR Assigned to Disney Enterprises, Inc., Burbank, CA (US) US 11,478,718 B1 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11478718-20221025.html

PHARMACEUTICAL COMPOSITIONS COMPRISING PERILLYL ALCOHOL DERIVATIVES Thomas Chen, La Canada, CA (US); Daniel Levin, La Canada, CA (US); and Satish Puppali, Rancho Cucamonga, CA (US) Assigned to NeOnc Technologies, Inc., Los Angeles, CA (US) US 11,479,554 B2 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11479554-20221025.html

POOL OVERFLOW DRAIN HEIGHTENER William C. Baggelaar, Sherman Oaks, CA (US); and Stacy Kapp Baggelaar, Sherman Oaks, CA (US) Assigned to Rocketfrog Designs, LLC, Sherman Oaks, CA (US) US 11,479,986 B1 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11479986-20221025.html

LED LIGHTING FIXTURE Alan Barry Feit, Encino, CA (US); and Brian Halliwell, Pico Rivera, CA (US) Filed by Feit Electric Company, Inc., Pico Rivera, CA (US) US 11,480,326 B2 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11480326-20221025.html

GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE TO CONFIGURE PARAMETERS OF AN API BASED ON USER INPUTS - Sean Montgomery, Woodland Hills, CA (US); Jacques Antikadjian, Woodland Hills, CA (US); and Prakash Chandran, Woodland Hills, CA (US) Assigned to Xano, Inc., Woodland Hills, CA (US) US 11,481,089 B2 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11481089-20221025.html

TECHNIQUES FOR DIRECTED DATA MIGRATION - Alan Chen, Simi Valley, CA (US); Craig Robertson, Simi Valley, CA (US); Robert Lercari, Thousand Oaks, CA Filed by Radian Memory Systems, Inc., Calabasas, CA (US) US 11,481,144 B1 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11481144-20221025.html

SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RECOMMENDATIONS IN UBIQUITUOUS COMPUTING ENVIRONMENTS Gregory Knox, Van Nuys, CA (US) US 11,481,652 B2 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11481652-20221025.html

MESH OPTIMIZATION FOR COMPUTER GRAPHICS Bela Szilagyi, Monrovia, CA (US); Jure Ratković, Zagreb (HR); Hayk Bezirganyan, Burbank, CA (US); Ashley Crowder, Culver City, CA (US); and Benjamin Conway, Chicago, IL (US) Assigned to VNTANA, INC., Chatsworth, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11481974-20221025.html

BANJO ACOUSTIC-CHAMBER CUSHION Assigned to WINDSOR BANJO COMPANY LLC, Toluca Lake, CA (US) Filed by Jeffrey Ruff, Toluca Lake, CA (US) US 11,482,200 B2 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11482200-20221025.html

HARDWARE CHANNEL-PARALLEL DATA COMPRESSION/DECOMPRESSION - Ilia Ovsiannikov, Porter Ranch, CA (US); Ali Shafiee Ardestani, San Jose, CA (US); Lei Wang, Burlingame, CA US); and Joseph H. Hassoun, Los Gatos, CA (US) Assigned to SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. US 11,483,008 B2 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11483008-20221025.html

METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIA FOR NETWORK TESTING USING AN EMULATED DATA CENTER ENVIRONMENT - Winston Wencheng Liu, Woodland Hills, CA (US); and Matthew R. Bergeron, Sunol, CA (US) Assigned to KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES, INC., Santa Rosa, CA (US) US 11,483,228 B2 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11483228-20221025.html

VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE IMAGING PRODUCTS - Robert E. Huebner, Burbank, CA (US); Asa K. Kalama, Burbank, CA (US); Peter Stepniewicz, Altadena, CA (US); Robert S. Trowbridge, Burbank, CA (US); and Joshua B. Gorin, Burbank, CA (US) Assigned to DISNEY ENTERPRISES, INC., Burbank, CA (US) US 11,483,486 B1 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11483486-20221025.html

SYNCHRONIZING SECONDARY AUDIOVISUAL CONTENT BASED ON FRAME TRANSITIONS IN STREAMING CONTENT - Sidney Swift, Sherman Oaks, CA (US); Mathew Mozaffari, Toronto (CA); Rhys Balevicius, Toronto (CA); Stephanie Loureiro, Toronto (CA); and Nicholas K. Swift, Sherman Oaks, CA (US) Stephanie Loureiro, Toronto (CA); and Nicholas K. Swift, Sherman Oaks, CA (US) US 11,483,535 B2 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11483535-20221025.html

METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR IMPROVING USER EXPERIENCE Gregory Knox, Van Nuys, CA (US) US 11,483,618 B2 https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/US11483618-20221025.html

VEHICLE FRONT GLASS - Richard Kim, Los Angeles, CA (US); Brian Oh, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (US); Jackson E. Luttig, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (US); Brian Spencer, Lakewood, CA (US); and Noah Hammersten, Studio City, CA (US) - Assigned to Canoo Technologies Inc., Torrance, CA (US) US D967,746 S https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week43/OG/html/1503-4/USD0967690-20221025.html

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