Art Supplies: 1264AD Italy to Oldest Art Store in Los Angeles


Notable artists of the San Fernando Valley include many who receive passing recognition, due to their work for the studios.  Their name scrolls quickly on a movie theater screen and if they do receive recognition at an awards event it is not broadcasted to the general public but rather at a private event. 

Those artists, of the San Fernando Valley, who chose not to work for the studio's or expanded their work to a signed piece include those who choose to display their creativity  on the wall of a public building.  

But if you want to go back to the origin of the paper artists use then look at the details on Fabriano's website:

4 production plants all in Italy, more than 550 people and 3000 products in the catalog, Fabriano paper is part of the Italian cultural heritage!  

"A parchment document, now preserved in Matelica (MC), attests to the production of cotton wool paper in Fabriano – produced by sizing in animal gelatin and composed of cotton fibers – as early as 1264. It is the beginning of the revolution – and of the fortune – of paper produced from cotton."

Carter-Sexton's website details where you can obtain supplies locally: 

"Carter Sexton, a great entrepreneur and North Hollywood resident, started his business by selling drafting furniture to near by film studios. When the shipping company refused to deliver to his home address he walked down the street and acquired the commercial space at 5308 Laurel Canyon. Once Carter secured himself the storefront he faced a dilemma: what to do with all this extra space?! He had a choice of supplying stationary or art supplies, and for reasons unknown the art supplies won."

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