Today is Super Mario Brothers SMB 38th Anniversary


A compilation of info to aid your knowledge of SMB on its 38th anniversary; 10 days prior to Nintendo's 134th anniversary from a playing card company to multifaceted entertainment.

Nintendo offers an opportunity for parents to learn how to navigate the digital game world within the details about their own "Parental Control" switch! "Learn how parental controls give you the power to set family guidelines—so you can spend less time worrying and more time having fun."

* Universal Studios Hollywood's Super Nintendo World theme park in Los Angeles opened to the public Feb 2013.  It is smaller than the Tokyo Japan SNW which opened in March 2021.

* Super Mario Brothers. was filmed in EUE/Screen Gems Studios, New York, Roanoke Cement Co and Wilmington.  The Super Mario Bros Movie's 85 Easter Eggs & References 

* The 1985 introduction of the SMB game was the first in the Super Mario series, riding on the success of the 1983 arcade game Mario. 

Key characters & sites in the game are

  • Mario
  • Luigi (Mario's brother)
  • Princess Peach (rescued by Luigi & Mario)
  • Bowser - villain who captured Princess peach
  • Donkey Kong - the original game which Mario appeared

380 million SMB games have been sold worldwide

Mario was created by Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, who joined Nintendo at age 15, in 1977, with the help of his father. On September 16, 2015, he left his managerial position as head of EAD and became a Creative Fellow for Nintendo. Creator of Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Pikmin and Nintendogs.

Fusajiro Yamauchi - The founder and first (1st) president of Nintendo. (1889-1929)

Nintendo started as a playing card company in 1889!!!  Nintendo is founded, September 23, 1889 - EDN  

October 20th is the scheduled release of Super Mario Brothers Wonder.  "“I think the play style of Mario hasn’t changed a lot over the years … It’s an action game where you experience joy from discovering how to become better,” he says. “As you overcome these challenges that we’ve set out before you, you can think about how to be creative with it, figuring out how to do it or what you need to do. In Wonder, we’re really expanding the options for players when it comes to how to go about that.”  Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Nintendo recaptures Mario’s old magic | Super Mario | The Guardian

More News from Los Angeles
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