Tears of Joy is The Most Popular Emoji!


Tears of Joy 😂 accounts for >5% of all emoji usage by those who opt to be hopeful. Seven new characters are on their way for inclusion into the Unicode Standard, although it could be 2yrs away.

"According to data collected by the Unicode Consortium, the not-for-profit organization responsible for digitizing the world’s languages, Tears of Joy accounts for over 5% of all emoji use (the only other character that comes close is ❤️ and there is a steeeeeep cliff after that). The top ten emoji used worldwide are 😂 ❤️ 🤣 👍 😭 🙏 😘 🥰 😍 😊."

Unicode Consortium orchestrates the universality of emoji's & provides statistics on usage.  Statistical information from Unicode Consortium includes:

  • 92% of the world’s online population use emoji
  • Top 100 emoji comprise ~82% of total emoji shares.
  • There are 3,663 emoji
  • Pleading Face 🥺 popularity in usage went from 97 to 14 
  • Emoji Frequency – Unicode
  • Despite being the largest emoji category with a strong association tied to identity, flags are by far the least used.

Seven new characters are on their way for inclusion into the Unicode Standard, into your keyboards, and into your hearts ;-)  The Unicode Blog: What do a leafless tree, a fingerprint, and a harp have in common?  There were 20 characters added in 2022

Did you know it can take up to two years to encode an emoji? It’s true. If we want the symbols we digitize to truly “just work” across the entirety of not just the Internet but all digital surfaces … it takes time. So, don’t expect to see these characters anytime soon.

An October virtual event "Open House on Script and Character Encoding"  was recorded and is scheduled to be available  via the Unicode YouTube channel.   

 The Unicode Standard aims to make the scripts used to write the languages of the world accessible on computers and devices. However, the process of getting characters and scripts into the Unicode Standard has often been puzzling. How does one successfully propose a script or a handful of characters? How are decisions made?   

 In addition to emoji's Unicode supplies a means to fulfill this objective: "Everyone in the world should be able to use their own language on phones and computers."

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You can adopt/sponsor a character! - 151,747 Unicode characters to pick from.

It is a unique way to fund the work of the Unicoe Consortium.  As an example

  • The feather is a "silver" sponsored emoji by Natives in Tech whose mission is to "Cultivate a tech ecosystem of Native technologists crafting free and open source technology for Native communities."

To support Unicode’s mission to ensure everyone can communicate in their languages across all devices, please consider adopting a character, making a gift of stock, or making a donation.

Emoji List, v15.0 (unicode.org)   Emoji List, v15.0 (unicode.org)

Fun new emoji's recently added 


Importance of Unicode for language preservation, documentation, and archiving
QUESTION: How is Unicode related to language preservation and why is it important?
ANSWER: For those who wish to preserve languages with language documentation (in text) or
who want to preserve written materials of a language, using Unicode (with a Unicode-based
font) means the text materials will be accessible to others electronically and archivable for the
Using a non-Unicode font to represent materials, however, will mean the texts may be difficult
to exchange electronically and may not be recoverable in the future. In a time when many
languages are in danger of disappearing and text materials may be lost, using the stable
standard Unicode to represent texts is critical.

Examples of  proposals for a Unicode  


Five Symbols of Religions

Unicode Technology Workshop – November 7-8, 2023
San Francisco Bay Area (Hosted at Google)

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