End of Controls at Berlin Wall Begin 11/9/1989


[Berlin, October 1961] Man carrying cross on street, Berlin, West Germany. Names Frissell, Toni, 1907-1988, photographer. Source Library of Congress https://lccn.loc.gov/96506378

Anyone born prior to the late 1990's has no point of referent to the current news about the walls separating Gaza from Egypt and Israel.  The wall separating East Berlin from West Berlin as well as East Germany stood for 38 years. It was originally erected as barbed wire in 1961 to isolate the area around Berlin controlled by the Soviet Union from the Western area.

The infamous "tear down this wall" speech by President Reagan was delivered in West Berlin June 12, 1987 at the Brandenburg Gate of the Federal Republic of Germany.  It would be two more years before the words came true; President Reagan had served out two terms and President HW Bush was now leading the United States.  However, it was the German people and not Gorbachev who would tear down the wall, a semantic of not yielding to the U.S. Presidents' directive.  What Happened the Day the Berlin Wall Fell | Time

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The President Reagan Library & Museum in Simi Valley has a section of the wall, outside, for public viewing as a permanent exhibit.   The Berlin Wall | Ronald Reagan (reaganlibrary.gov)

Veterans Day Commemoration | The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute 

Outdoor events and the program are free to attend; however, reservations are recommended to attend the program and to pre-purchase Operation Pineapple Express.

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