Is LA County Affordable Housing Solution too Narrow of a Parameter?


A proposed summit to address affordable housing, under a court ordered mandate, has a limitation, for faith-based org's & colleges, requiring location in UNINCORPORATED Los Angeles.

Agenda 120523_links.pdf (

    The introduction to a proposal, added on Friday 12/1/23 to the agenda for the 12/5/23 LA County Bd of Supervisors meeting, includes unsubstantiated statistics, no parameters for a date or budget or attainable goal: 

    PROBLEM: "By some estimates, Los Angeles County is facing a shortage of approximately
    500,000 affordable housing units.

    CONCLUSION: "Therefore, it is imperative that County Departments support all institutions interested in developing affordable housing."

    PROPOSED SOLUTION: 186413.pdf ( 

     1. Host a summit for faith-based organizations (FBOs) and nonprofit colleges based in unincorporated LA County to help guide those interested in utilizing SB4 to build affordable housing on their underutilized land"

    2.  Provide linkages with technical assistance providers to support FBOs and
    nonprofit colleges interested in building affordable housing on their properties.

    3.  Partner with FBOs to consider including their sites for future affordable housing
    development with the County’s Land Bank* program.

    The mandate for utilizing faith-based housing and nonprofit colleges comes from a lawsuit settled this year after three years in court between the County & L.A. Alliance.

    Alliance Settlement Fact Sheet.pdf (

    "Partnership on City/County-owned Land. Under the settlement, the County will continue
    to work with the City in making available to each other appropriate City- and/or County
    owned land, located within the City, to create new interim or permanent housing units as
    mutually agreed by County and City."

    *Land Bank Program: "The purpose of this pilot program is to create opportunities for affordable housing preservation and production in areas along the Los Angeles River (LA River)"  172913.pdf 

    MEETING TELEVISED: Wednesday, December 6, 2023 at 11:00 p.m. on KLCS


    Real-time participation includes in-person, by telephone, and online submission of comments.

    Agenda 120523_links.pdf (

    Telephonic Public Comment
    To listen only by telephone please call (877) 873-8017 and enter the access
    code when prompted: Access Code for English: 111111 Access Code for
    Spanish: 222222.
    To address the Board during the live hybrid meeting please call (877) 226-8163
    and enter Participant Code: 1336503 starting at 9:00 a.m. Please listen

    carefully to the prompts for instructions on providing live testimony to the Board.

    Written Testimony
    Written public comments may be submitted through our website at:,
    which will become part of the official

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