Cine Gear Expo - Los Angeles June 2024


The first Cine Gear Expo was held in Hollywood at the Parmount Studios in 1996 with six exhibitors. Now there are nearly 300 exhibitors and thousands of attendees.

"Beyond the exhibition floor, Cine Gear Expo offers an unmatched networking environment. It is a place where creatives, technicians, and business professionals can come together, share ideas, forge new relationships, and create lasting collaborations. Whether you are an aspiring filmmaker, an established industry veteran, or a technology enthusiast, this is an event that celebrates the passion and dedication of the cinematic community." Juliane Grosso  CEO - Cine Gear Expo

The LA Expo is the biggest of three national EXPO's. It features exhibits, new product and service introductions, complimentary seminars led by industry leaders, master classes, film competition, and awards ceremony.  CineGear On Air - Cine Gear Expo

  • Day 1 Thursday, June 6th Film Competition
  • Day 2 Friday, June 7th Exhibits & Seminars
  • Day 3 Saturday, June 8th Exhibits & Seminars
  • Day 4 Sunday, June 9th Master Classes
    • Each year we offer master classes on specific industry skills. These masterclasses are offered during the LA Expo live event. We have also started recording these sessions and offering them as on-demand classes. Master classes are content-specific classes and you must purchase individual class tickets to attend a master class.

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