1065 California patents issued Week 8 Ending Februry


US 11,903,409 B2 AUTOMATED DEPOSITION OF HIGHLY VISCOUS FLUIDS INTO THIN-WALLED CYLINDERS Nohtal Partansky, Northridge, CA (US); and Paul Skaar, Long Beach, CA (US) Assigned to Sorting Robotics, Inc., Van Nuys, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11903409-20240220.html

Sorting Robotics leads the way in industrial automation, serving the cannabis and technical manufacturing sectors with unparalleled solutions.”

US 11,903,534 B2 PORTABLE URINAL Valerie Ulene, Los Angeles, CA (US); and Byrdie Pompan, Los Angeles, CA (US) Filed by MyLooCo, Sherman Oaks, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11903534-20240220.html

US 11,903,564 B2 IMAGE SENSOR SYNCHRONIZATION WITHOUT INPUT CLOCK AND DATA TRANSMISSION CLOCK Laurent Blanquart, Westlake Village, CA (US); and Donald M. Wichern, Ogden, UT (US) Assigned to DePuy Synthes Products, Inc., Raynham, MA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11903564-20240220.html

US 11,903,698 B2 GLYCEMIC HEALTH METRIC DETERMINATION AND APPLICATION Lane Desborough, Thousand Oaks, CA (US); Cesar C. Palerm, Pasadena, CA (US); and Salman Monirabbasi, Los Angeles, CA (US) Assigned to Medtronic Minimed, Inc., Northridge, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11903698-20240220.html

US 11,903,883 B2 SUPPORT PLATFORM FOR BODY TREATMENT Rebecca Savich, Sherman Oaks, CA (US); and Jeffrey Riach, Cockeysville, MD (US) Assigned to Oakworks, Inc., New Freedom, PA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11903883-20240220.html

US 11,904,074 B2 DEVICES AND METHODS FOR CONTACTING LIVING TISSUE Kent R. Gandola, San Diego, CA (US); and Jerome K. Aarestad, Escondido, CA (US) Assigned to ISL, LLC, Woodland Hills, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11904074-20240220.html

US 11,904,138 B2 GLUCOSE LEVEL MANAGEMENT WITHOUT CARBOHYDRATE COUNTING Boyi Jiang, Pasadena, CA (US); Yuxiang Zhong, Arcadia, CA (US); Pratik J. Agrawal, Porter Ranch, CA (US); and Ali Dianaty, Porter Ranch, CA (US) Assigned to Medtronic MiniMed, Inc., Northridge, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11904138-20240220.html

US 11,904,139 B2 CLOSED-LOOP CONTROL IN STEADY-STATE CONDITIONS Benyamin Grosman, Winnetka, CA (US); Louis J. Lintereur, Boise, ID (US); Anirban Roy, Agoura Hills, CA (US); Neha J. Parikh, West Hills, CA (US); Di Wu, Glendale, CA (US); Patrick E. Weydt, Moorpark, CA (US); David Dunleavy, West Hills, CA (US); and Ali Dianaty, Porter Ranch, CA (US) Assigned to Medtronic MiniMed, Inc., Northridge, CA (US https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11904139-20240220.html

US 11,904,146 B2 MEDICINE INJECTION DEVICES, SYSTEMS, AND METHODS FOR MEDICINE ADMINISTRATION AND TRACKING Ellis Garai, Woodland Hills, CA (US); and Ashwin K. Rao, West Hills, CA (US) Assigned to Medtronic MiniMed, Inc., Northridge, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11904146-20240220.html

US 11,904,162 B2 BIOSTIMULATOR HAVING RESILIENT SCAFFOLD Thomas B. Eby, Mountain View, CA (US); Alex C. Soriano, Ventura, CA (US); and Mark Carlson, Calabasas, CA (US) Assigned to PACESETTER, INC., Sylmar, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11904162-20240220.html

US 11,904,505 B2 POWDER COATING COMPOSITION SYSTEM AND PROCESS Scott Andrews, Chatsworth, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11904505-20240220.html

US 11,904,625 B1 AUTOMATICALLY RETRACTABLE WRITING INSTRUMENT Paul David Ellis, II, Valley Village, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11904625-20240220.html

US 11,904,818 B2 Timothy Hillier, Sherman Oaks, CA (US); and Kelly Austin, Hidden Hills, CA (US) Assigned to Timothy Hillier, Sherman Oaks, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11904818-20240220.html A safety link for a high-lift jack…..

US 11,904,923 B2 CART Ryan M. Wolkov, Woodland Hills, CA (US); and Edward Nowak, Woodland Hills, MI (US) Assigned to RyanKart, LLC, Woodland Hills, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11904923-20240220.html

US 11,905,072 B1 UNITARY COUPLING ASSEMBLY CLOSURE (CORK-CAP) Lanell Fischer, Van Nuys, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11905072-20240220.html

US 11,906,310 B2 MAP MAINTENANCE AND VERIFICATION Chen Xie, San Francisco, CA (US); Matthew Fox, San Francisco, CA (US); Brian Joseph Donohue, San Francisco, CA (US); Kangyuan Niu, Northridge, CA (US); and Katherine Leung, Milpitas, CA (US) Assigned to GM Cruise Holdings LLC, San Francisco, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11906310-20240220.html

US 11,906,484 B2 SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING STRUCTURAL CHARACTERISTICS OF AN OBJECT James C. Earthman, Irvine, CA (US); Cherilyn G. Sheets, Newport Beach, CA (US); John Michael Elam, Woodland Hills, CA (US); and Robert Hayman, Los Angeles, CA (US) Assigned to PERIMETRICS, INC., Redmond, WA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11906484-20240220.html

US 11,906,549 B1 COMPLIANT PIN PROBES WITH FLAT EXTENSION SPRINGS, METHODS FOR MAKING, AND METHODS FOR USING Ming Ting Wu, San Jose, CA (US) Assigned to Microfabrica Inc., Van Nuys, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11906549-20240220.html

US 11,906,885 B1 FOLDING HANDLE MECHANISM Wenping Zeng, Burbank, CA (US); and Kefeng Zhou, Burbank, CA (US) Assigned to TILTA INC., Burbank, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11906885-20240…

1. A folding handle mechanism, comprising:

a first folding handle configured to be attached to an external photographic device; and

a second folding handle configured to be attached to the external photographic device, the first folding handle and the second folding handled being respectively on opposite sides of the external photographic device,

US 11,906,971 B2 SPATIOTEMPORAL ROBOTIC NAVIGATION William Shane Simpson Grant, Van Nuys, CA (US); Randolph Charles Voorhies, Culver City, CA (US); Lior Elazary, Agoura Hills, CA (US); and Daniel Frank Parks, II, Los Angeles, CA (US) Assigned to inVia Robotics, Inc., Westlake Village, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11906971-20240220.html

US 11,907,431 B2 GESTURE RECOGNITION DEVICE WITH MINIMAL WAND FORM FACTOR Nathan Nocon, Valencia, CA (US); Jonathan Hsu, Yorba Linda, CA (US); and Michael Goslin, Sherman Oaks, CA (US) Filed by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Burbank, https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11907431-20240220.html

US 11,907,435 B1 TRANSFORMABLE APPARATUS WITH RETRACTABLE DISPLAY by Omar Kevin Ubilla, Canoga Park, CA (US) Assigned to Omar Kevin Ubilla, Los Gatos, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week08/OG/html/1519-3/US11907435-20240…

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