March 22nd in History - Pivotal Events


An assortment of events from 1765 to 1972 occurred today; many were notable precedents not often remembered or mentioned, despite their impact & impetus for improving our lives.
  • 1765 Stamp Act passed; 1st direct British tax on American colonists.
  • 1775 British MP Edmund Burke addresses English Parliament advocating for peace with the American colonies.
  • 1794 Slave Trade Act bans US vessels from supplying slaves to other countries.
  • 1863 1st US nursing school chartered at The Woman's Hospital of Pennsylvania
  • 1872 Illinois becomes 1st state to require sexual equality in employment.
  • 1903 US Anthracite Coal Commission recommends shorter hours from 10hrs/day to nine, a 10% wage increase (they wanted 20%) 
  • 1935 - Many "on this day sites" suggest it marked when "blood tests were authorized as evidence in court cases in New York", but in reality it became a mandate for blood tests to be used! " "In 1935, the New York legislature responded to the Beuschel v. Manowitz case by passing a statute that allowed courts to require blood group testing in civil cases"
  • 1946 1st US Army build rocket left the Earth's atmosphere (50 miles up).
  • 1960 1st patent for lasers (optical maser) was granted to Arthur Schawlow & Charles Townes.
  • 1972 US Congress approves the Equal Rights Amendment (still not ratified).
More News from Los Angeles
  • Candy's Quiltworks Closing Sale: Final Week This is the final week of Candy's Quiltworks closing sale; upon the February passing of the very talented and much appreciated by employees, local business owner Candace Lee.
  • Pret A Manger Opens in Studio City Hey there, LA! Pret is now open in Studio City! Swing by for organic coffee & freshly made food. We can't wait to meet you! Other SoCal locations: L.A.X. & Westwood
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