I Found A Quilted Heart: IFAQH


I Found A Quilted Heart (IFAQH) is a community of anonymous volunteers leaving quilted hearts in a public place for a random stranger to happen upon.

Distributing hearts was started in January 2014.  

"The 3 of us started this little project through the inspiration given us by the heart found in Nevada. We searched and searched for the original maker, but perhaps, like us, that person wishes to remain anonymous or maybe they are unaware of the impact that one heart has made. IFAQH was born from that one heart and we have had growing pains over the last ten years."

Ten years later, we are secure and confident with the mission of IFAQH and how it has evolved. We do not anticipate any drastic changes.

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Locations – I Found A Quilted Heart

This is the one and only Official IFAQH Facebook Page.

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