Details About the Eclipse Related to SFV


In case you think the eclipse is not an event your pet will notice be aware they may mirror your excitement and reaction also, during the eclipse: 

"Pets may hide, howl, pace or pant during the eclipse . As the sky darkens, some pets may start their nighttime routine early."  Will the solar eclipse affect animals? Veterinarians share pet safety tips (

Suppliers of Safe Solar Viewers & Filters | Solar Eclipse Across America (

Eclipse viewing glasses quality & appropriate protection may vary, depending on the initial cost. The American Astronomical Society website lists "approved" glass vendors. No, Thousand Oaks optical is not a local vendor they are from Arizona. Apparently, there is concern the glasses made in the Far East (China) do not meet standards of safety.

"Important: We do not recommend searching for eclipse glasses on Amazon, eBay, Temu, or any other online marketplace and buying from whichever vendor offers the lowest price. Before you buy a solar viewer or filter online, we recommend that you make sure that (1) the seller is identified on the site and (2) the seller is listed on this page."


Woodland Hills Camera & Telescope - 5348 Topanga Canyon Blvd. #101, has an invitation for you to view the eclipse with them. "We are also open Monday of course, and the doors will be open at 9am. We'll be set up to view the eclipse ready for you to snap your own picture of the Sun using our telescopes and will have glasses for sale." They are suggesting a 60% coverage! There is no suggestion of the cost to use their telescope.

Warby Parker

This eyewear company is offering two pairs of ISO-certified eclipse glasses per family from April 1 to 8. If there are no Warby Parker locations near you or there are no more free glasses left, the brand also provides a downloadable template for a DIY pinhole projector.

There are a number of interactive maps available to calculate the Eclipse visibility in your zip code.

Enter your zip code and discover how the 2024 total solar eclipse will look in your city (

Eclipse viewing information for the Great North American Eclipse of April 8, 2024 |

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