U.S. Treasury: Crime Victims Fund


Los Angeles County received $8,199,551, less than 1̶0̶%̶ 11% of the $76,494,216 awarded to California from the Crime Victims Fund from 2019-2023.

H.R. 6403 (98th): Victims of Crime Act of 1984  - Establishes within the Treasury the Crime Victims Fund.  In 1988, the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) was formally established within the Department of Justice (DOJ) to administer VOCA programs.

Victim Assistance formula grants support thousands of victim assistance programs throughout the Nation each year. Allocations vary by state and are determined by several factors, starting with the obligation cap set by Congress.

  • 2000 Congress set an annual cap on withdrawals - remained below $1 billion a year until...
  • 2015 Congress raised it to $2.3 billion a year
  • 2018 Congress raised it to $4.4 billion a year 
  • 2023 Congress lowered it to $1.9 billion a year
  • 2024 Congress lowered it to $1.2 billion a year (FY begins Oct 2023) 

Deposits to the CVF ( Crime Victims Fund ) come from 

  • federal criminal fines
  • forfeited appearance bonds, 
  • penalties and special assessments collected by the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices, federal courts, and Federal Bureau of Prisons. Since 2002, Congress has allowed
    gifts, bequests, and donations from private entities to be deposited into the CVF. Since the enactment of the VOCA Fix to
    Sustain the Crime Victims Fund Act of 2021 (P.L. 117-27), deposits to the CVF have also included monetary penalties from
    federal deferred prosecution and nonprosecution agreements. As of February 29, 2024, the CVF had a balance of $1.29 

R42672 (congress.gov) From the Crime Victims Fund deposits available for victim assistance grants, each state grantee receives a base amount of $500,000, except for the territories...
The remaining Crime Victims Fund deposits are distributed to each state, based on the state’s population in relation to all other states, as determined by current census data.

California has had 88 Awards from 2019 -2023 total funded:  $76,494,216 of which 10 awards were designated for Los Angeles County totaling $8,199,551. 

 The 2023 awards were:

Anti-Trafficking Housing Assistance Program - Los Angeles County OVC FY 2023 Anti-Trafficking Housing Assistance Program (Services and Training and Technical Assistance) COALITION TO ABOLISH SLAVERY & TRAFFICKING $1,199,871
Comprehensive Legal Services to Human Trafficking Survivors in Los Angeles OVC FY 2023 Services for Victims of Human Trafficking COALITION TO ABOLISH SLAVERY & TRAFFICKING $799,967
Healing Opportunities through Perseverance and Empowerment (HOPE) OVC FY 2023 Services for Victims of Human Trafficking SPECIAL SERVICE FOR GROUPS, INC. $949,997
Removing Barriers to Legal Services for Asian Pacific Islander Victims of Human Trafficking OVC FY 2023 Services for Victims of Human Trafficking LEGAL AID FOUNDATION OF LOS ANGELES $800,000

For more information about formula grants, visit

Current Funding Opportunities | Office for Victims of Crime (ojp.gov)


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