969 California Patents Week 26


This week there were 969 patents issued to California companies and/or inventors; including a mattress to aid bed sore prevention! Twenty-nine were related to the San Fernando Valley.
  1. US 12,016,359 B2 OIL-IN-WATER EMULSION GUMMY COMPOSITION WITH WATER SOLUBLE ACTIVE INGREDIENT(S) Haiyan Ge, Valencia, CA (US); Yan Wu, Shanghai (CN); and Javier Pacheco, Sylmar, CA (US) Assigned to PHARMAVITE LLC, West Hills, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12016359-20240625.html
  2. US D1,032,949 S ARTIFICIAL LASH EXTENSION Sahara Lotti, North Hollywood, CA (US) Assigned to Lashify, Inc., North Hollywood, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/USD1032949-20240625.html
  3. US D1,032,801 S RAIN CHAIN COMPONENT Garm Beall, Chatsworth, CA (US) Filed by Garm Beall, Chatsworth, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/USD1032801-20240625.html
  4. US D1,032,369 S COMBINED LIQUID CONTAINER AND APPLICATOR Sahara Lotti, North Hollywood, CA (US) Assigned to Lashify, Inc., North Hollywood, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/USD1032369-20240625.html
  5. US D1,032,245 S WASHCLOTH Steven Bryan Dunn, Beverly Hills, CA (US); and Matthew Joseph Saxton, Moorpark, CA (US) Assigned to MUNCHKIN, INC., Van Nuys, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/USD1032245-20240625.html
  6. US 12,022,575 B2 COMMUNICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR HIGH-SPEED LOW-LATENCY WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY IN MOBILITY APPLICATION Venkat Kalkunte, Saratoga, CA (US); and Mehdi Hatamian, Mission Viejo, CA (US) Assigned to PELTBEAM INC., Sherman Oaks, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12022575-20240625.html
  7. US 12,022,542 B2 CONTROLLING COMMUNICATIONS BETWEEN DEVICES OF A WIRELESS BODY AREA NETWORK FOR A MEDICAL DEVICE SYSTEM Anthony C. Ng, Calabasas, CA (US); and Yazid E. Ould Sidi, Santa Monica, CA (US) Assigned to MEDTRONIC MINIMED, INC., Northridge, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12022542-20240625.html
  8. US 12,021,880 B2 PROTECTION CONFIGURATION FOR APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACES Leon Kuperman, Tarzana, CA (US); and Jose Hernandez, North Miami, FL (US) Assigned to ORACLE SYSTEMS CORPORATION, Redwood Shores, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12021880-20240625.html
  9. US 12,021,611 B2 SYNCHRONIZING SYSTEMS-ON-CHIP USING GPIO TIMESTAMPS Samuel Ahn, Marina Del Rey, CA (US); Dmitry Ryuma, Sherman Oaks, CA (US); and Richard Zhuang, San Diego, CA (US) Assigned to Snap Inc., Santa Monica, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12021611-20240…
  10. US 12,021,555 B2 IMPLANTABLE MEDICAL DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANAGING A PHYSICAL LAYER UTILIZED DURING A WIRELESS CONNECTION Perry Li, Arcadia, CA (US); Jeffery Crook, Belmont, CA (US); and Souvik Dubey, Woodland Hills, CA (US) Assigned to Pacesetter, Inc., Sylmar, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12021555-20240…
  11. US 12,021,293 B2 COMMUNICATION APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ADAPTIVE COOLING OF ANTENNA ELEMENTS Mehdi Hatamian, Mission Viejo, CA (US); and Venkat Kalkunte, Saratoga, CA (US) Assigned to PELTBEAM INC., Sherman Oaks, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12021293-20240625.html
  12. US 12,020,395 B2 SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR COMPRESSING AND DECOMPRESSING A SEQUENCE OF IMAGES Richard Rey, Los Angeles, CA (US); Andrew Vick, Los Angeles, CA (US); and Bettina Martin, Burbank, CA (US) Assigned to STX Financing, LLC, Burbank, CA (US) Appl. No. 17/439,658 Filed by STX Financing, LLC, Burbank, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12020395-20240625.html
  13. US 12,020,245 B2 ALERT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM WITH REAL-TIME REMEDIATION AND INTEGRATION WITH THE EXCEPTION ORIGINATING SYSTEM Joel Schwartz, Encino, CA (US); and Anne Vivian Lee, Ellenton, FL (US) Assigned to Double Check Solutions, Inc., Encino, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12020245-20240625.html
  14. US 12,019,993 B2 SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SHORT- AND LONG-TERM DIALOG MANAGEMENT BETWEEN A ROBOT COMPUTING DEVICE/DIGITAL COMPANION AND A USER Stefan A. Scherer, Santa Monica, CA (US); Mario E Munich, La Canada, CA (US); Paolo Pirjanian, Glendale, CA (US); Kevin D Saunders, Irvine, CA (US); Wilson Harron, Los Angeles, CA (US); and Marissa Kohan, Woodland Hills, CA (US) Appl. No. 17/434,847 Filed by Embodied, Inc., Pasadena, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12019993-20240625.html
  15. US 12,020,061 B2 SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR META-TRANSACTIONAL INTEROPERABILITY OF DECENTRALIZED COMPUTING NETWORKS Reza Fatahi, Encino, CA (US); and Dane Scarborough, Culver City, CA (US) Filed by Reza Fatahi, Encino, CA (US); and Dane Scarborough, Culver City, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12020061-20240625.html
  16. US 12,019,811 B2 SYSTEMS AND METHODS TO CAUSE AN INPUT DEVICE TO PROVIDE MOVEMENT-BASED OUTPUT Michael P. Goslin, Burbank, CA (US) Assigned to Disney Enterprises, Inc., Burbank, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12019811-20240625.html
  17. US 12,019,039 B2 SENSOR SYSTEMS, DEVICES, AND METHODS FOR CONTINUOUS GLUCOSE MONITORING Keith Nogueira, Mission Hills, CA (US); Taly G. Engel, Los Angeles, CA (US); Xiaolong Li, Porter Ranch, CA (US); Bradley C. Liang, Bloomfield Hills, MI (US); Rajiv Shah, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (US); Jaeho Kim, Redmond, WA (US); Mike C. Liu, Walnut, CA (US); Andy Y. Tsai, Pasadena, CA (US); Andrea Varsavsky, Santa Monica, CA (US); and Fei Yu, Chatsworth, CA (US) Assigned to MEDTRONIC MINIMED, INC., Northridge, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12019039-20240625.html
  18. US 12,018,983 B2 David Roderick Gerwe, West Hills, CA (US); Paul S. Idell, Thousand Oaks, CA (US); Kevin Ray Paxton, North Tustin, CA (US); and Friedrich W. Kunzler, Hacienda Heights, CA (US) Assigned to The Boeing Company, Chicago, IL (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12018983-20240625.html
  19. US 12,018,173 B1 HIGH PHYSICAL DURABILITY COATING COMPOSITIONS Zhiwei Xie, Calabasas, CA (US); James M. Cameron, Cleveland, OH (US); Ruisong Xu, Cleveland, OH (US); and Jose Aravena Contreras, Cleveland, OH (US) Assigned to SWIMC LLC, Cleveland, OH (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12018173-20240625.html
  20. US 12,017,147 B2 GAME PLAYER CREATED OBJECT AND VIDEO GAME PLAY Jeremy Noah Anderson, Sherman Oaks, CA (US); Jack James Kleckner, Beverly Hills, CA (US); Todd Leonard Mueller, Van Nuys, CA (US); Misty Alexandrea Yousser Noor, Los Angeles, CA (US); and Benjamin Scott Perry, North Hollywood, CA (US) Assigned to Activision Publishing, Inc., Santa Monica, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12017147-20240625.html
  21. US 12,017,110 B2 EXERCISE MACHINE Sebastien Anthony Louis Lagree, Chatsworth, CA (US); and Todd G. Remund, Yuba City, CA (US) Assigned to Lagree Technologies, Inc., Chatsworth (CA) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12017110-20240625.html
  22. US 12,017,085 B1 POLARIZED LIGHT EMITTING DEVICE Lajos Janos Goncz, Woodland Hills, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12017085-20240625.html
  23. US 12,017,078 B2 ENHANCED IMPLANT-TO-IMPLANT COMMUNICATIONS USING ACCELEROMETER Xiaoyi Min, Santa Rosa Valley, CA (US); David Ligon, San Francisco, CA (US); Weiqun Yang, Cupertino, CA (US); Shawn Chen, Santa Clarita, CA (US); and Matthew G. Fishler, Scotts Valley, CA (US) Assigned to Pacesetter, Inc., Sylmar, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12017078-20240625.html
  24. US 12,017,077 B2 SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IDENTIFYING AVAILABILITY OF CLINICIAN DEFINED PROGRAMMING SETTINGS FOR A PATIENT Sridhar Kothandaraman, Valencia, CA (US); and Mun Pook Lui, Northridge, CA (US) Assigned to Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation, Valencia, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12017077-20240625.html
  25. US 12,017,074 B2 ADJUSTMENT OF STIMULATION IN A STIMULATOR USING DETECTED EVOKED COMPOUND ACTION POTENTIALS Rosana Esteller, Santa Clarita, CA (US); Goran N. Marnfeldt, Valencia, CA (US); Natalie A. Brill, Sherman Oaks, CA (US); David M. Wagenbach, Simi Valley, CA (US); Pujitha Weerakoon, Valencia, CA (US); and Jordi Parramon, Valencia, CA (US) Assigned to Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation, Valencia, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12017074-20240625.html
  26. US 12,017,008 B2 PRESSURE SAFETY DEVICE FOR BAG VALVE MASK Prathamesh P. Prabhudesai, Fremont, CA (US); Haris Shekhani, Chesterfield, MO (US); Iordache F. Tirdea, Pompano Beach, FL (US); Nadia Alam, Burbank, CA (US); Amrita Bhowmick, San Jose, CA (US); Ananya Gupta, Baltimore, MD (US); and Liuyi Meng, Bloomington, IN (US) Assigned to safeBVM Corp, Boston, MA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12017008-20240625.html
  27. US 12,017,044 B2 PREDICTIVE INFUSION DEVICE OPERATIONS AND RELATED METHODS AND SYSTEMS Cesar C. Palerm, Pasadena, CA (US); Louis J. Lintereur, Boise, ID (US); Salman Monirabbasi, Playa Vista, CA (US); Kris R. Holtzclaw, Santa Clarita, CA (US); and Lane Desborough, Thousand Oaks, CA (US) Assigned to Medtronic MiniMed, Inc., Northridge, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12017044-20240625.html
  28. US 12,016,817 B2 LOW ENERGY ACOUSTIC PULSE APPARATUS AND METHOD Charles R. Engles, Portola Valley, CA (US); and Yung Chen Su, Taoyuan (TW) Assigned to Acoustic Wave Cell Therapy, Inc., Van Nuys, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12016817-20240625.html
  29. US 12,016,811 B2 MULTI-STABLE COMPLIANT-MECHANISM MATTRESS FOR BED SORE PREVENTION Jonathan Hopkins, Los Angeles, CA (US); and Piyush Sheth, Porter Ranch, CA (US) Assigned to THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Oakland, CA (US); and Piyush Sheth, Porter Ranch, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12016811-20240625.html
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