How to Draw More Attention to your Text on Social Media


The opportunity to increase your voice on social media (do you really want to do that) is actually quite easy.

1. Meme's 

2. BOLD your font

3. Add emoji's

4. Add hashtags

The easiest way to  make your font bold is by anyone of the websites that are suppliers of"FONT GENERATOR's" .   Type your text  and  10-20 different variations of bold - italicize - goofy slants and more.

Adding emoji's is equally easy.  Do a search with the word you want an emoji.  Hover over the emoji  - control c (copy )   (or use their copy button) . And then past it into your copy!!

Hashtags will increase your audience. Twitter is very good about notifying you, on the side banner, of the trending hashtags.  Or if you type a key word in ....let's say #Election ... a entire selection of choices will appear!!!

Now go forward and be noisy!

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