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When you buy a new mattress there is a $10.50 fee added to the cost of the mattress. This doesn't cover all the costs.

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When you buy a new mattress there is a $10.50 fee added to the cost of the mattress, in addition to state taxes and delivery.   The actual costs and reporting associated with disposal of a mattress are much greater than the fee collected by the retailer.

This month a Mattress retailer was penalized $68,916 for recycling violations.  

CalRecycle’s investigation started in January 2020 and found violations, including:

  • Failure to collect recycling charges and remit them to the mattress recycling program
  • Failure to provide inspectors access to the retailer’s facility
  • Failure to provide compliance records to state inspectors

The retailer did not correct the violations and now faces penalties of $68,916.

There is only one facility in the San Fernando Valley for recycling mattresses:

Burrtec Burbank Recycling Center 500 S. Flower St. Burbank, CA 91502 Mattress Disposal in California (

The Used Mattress Recovery and Recycling Act (Public Resources Code Sections 42985-42994), 

  • was enacted as SB 254 on September 27, 2013.
  • established an industry-run statewide mattress recycling program
  • made California the third-state in the U.S. to pass mattress recycle  legislation.
  • The mattress recycling organization, recyclers, renovators, and solid waste facilities are required to submit annual reports to CalRecycle.

New California Law May Impact Mattress & Futon Retailers | LoadUp (

Then in 2020 the law was amended, starting January 2021

  • Businesses that manufacture and/or distribute mattresses, futons, box springs, adjustable bed frames, and foundations to end-users living in California will be required to offer free pickup and recycling of the old item(s) at no additional charge to the customer.
  • The previous exemptions were no longer allowed
      • The old mattress is contaminated.
      • The new mattress was purchased online and delivered by a common carrier.

Today the regulations, reporting, fines, and costs of recycling mattresses in California are detailed on the States website.   Law - CalRecycle Home Page

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