Fox News Obtains Court Evidence From Iskander Accident Trial


Trial evidence including reenactment of a 2020 vehicular accident in Westlake Village, resulting in the death of two Iskander children, was made available today via Fox news.

 The trial for the responsibility of the two Iskander children killed 9/29/20 in Westlake Village while crossing the street with their mother concluded earlier this year and sentencing was pronounced in June.  

However, much of the reports and interpretation of the court proceedings was delivered by those attending the trial, including traditional press and those who then relayed their iteration to social media mediums. The latter led to further escalation of community opinion, which had been kept fervent for four years, by a small group of friends of the mother who was in the crosswalk at the time of the accident.

The Fox News details Chilling evidence used in Rebecca Grossman murder trial now public ( 

During the trial, both sides used computer-generated animations to re-enact their version of what happened to the two boys, 11-year-old Mark Iskander and his 8-year-old brother Jacob, who were crossing Triunfo Canyon Road in Westlake Village. The plaintiff's version of the animation shows Mark and Jacob on a skateboard and rollerblades. Grossman's white Mercedes-Benz showed no signs of slowing down, hitting the two brothers head-on.

Grossman's side, on the other hand, played out a different scenario. The boys' mom signals for a dark Mercedes-Benz to stop. She pushes the younger brother out of harm's way as the black SUV hits the boys outside of the crosswalk. Then Grossman's white Mercedes-Benz hits the brothers a second time.

A dedicated website for The Mark and Jacob Iskander Foundation no longer mentions it being "administered by the Ventura County Community Foundation (which oversaw the Borderline fund)."

A dedicated website for the defendant, established to offer condolences to the Iskander family as well as highlight evidence not completely presented to the jury, and  exposure of an organization for those involved in an unintended and accidently death; Read about others coping with the excruciating pain of accidentally causing a death at:

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