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Hallmark Movies has a huge loyal fan base, evident by the number of blogs and podcasts devoted to discussions concerning everything Hallmark. Some of those blogs are listed at You searched for hallmark - Tv Shows Ace.

Earlier this year a shake-up of cast and management occurred at local Hallmark Media. Most of the changes visible at Hallmark occurred during the pandemic.  A former President, Bill Abbott, created a competitive venture GAC.    The foundation of GAC is much what Hallmark asserted their values were when established in 1910.  

The departure of Hallmark employees had the attention of The Wall Street Journal in an article suggesting  nearly 100% of the lead actors that starred in GAC Family movies, which aired during the 2021 holiday season, had previously starred in Hallmark films.

  • Hilarie Burton left in 2019, suggesting a lack-of diversity
  • Laurie Laughlin was let go amidst her own scandal and legal issues
  • Danika Miller had an affinity to work with Abbott and GAC offered her a producer opportunity in 2021
  • Trevor Donovan also left in 2021 for a two-year contract with GAC
  • Jen Lilley had starred with Donovan at Hallmark and followed him to GAC
  • Candace Cameron Burr left early this year, with no explanation visible on traditional media outlets. She had been with Hallmark since 2008. 

Beyond all the stars leaving, as Hallmark drops programs, thosee producers are pitching to GAC in order to continue audience participation.

 It should be noted that there are currently very limited employment opportunities at Hallmark - Studio City, which might reflect the fact most of the Hallmark movies are shot in Canada. Which is also where GAC is shooting the films and using the actors they picked up from Hallmark.

Hallmark Movies has a huge loyal fan base, evident by the number of blogs and podcasts devoted to discussions concerning everything Hallmark.  Some of those blogs are listed at You searched for hallmark - Tv Shows Ace.  

Most of the changes occurred during the pandemic and as production returns, and viewers have settled into some of their previous routines during the holidays; the 2022 Christmas movie opportunities online and on these two channels has essentially DOUBLED.  

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According to the Hallmark website

The company was original founded in 1910 by teenage entrepreneur J.C. Hall and remaining a private company with family members on the board of directors today, Hallmark’s businesses employ approximately 27,000 worldwide and generate revenues of approximately $3.5 billion.

Hallmark is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. Their portfolio of businesses include:

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