Two Stories of Methamphetamine: Arcadia Bust vs 4 Years Clean


The Salvation Army, E-Mission Alliance, & religious leaders working one-on-one ARE each making a difference. Equally law-enforcement, as exampled by the 40lb meth bust Monday.

A significant confiscation of forty pounds of illegal methamphetamines occurred September 20th in the San Gabriel Valley. The discovery of the life-destruction and altering drugs occurred during a traffic stop. ONE PERSON was arrested!  Both Arcadia Police Department and Los Angeles Police Department were involved to stop one avenue of the flow of drugs in Southern California.   Additionally, a K9 officer named Kruz assisted in the recovery of the drugs with a street value of $2.6 million.  Twitter story.   

A post on 40-year old radio station KLOVE 's FB account detailed the depth of troubles a methamphetamine addict went through; but now four years later she is clean AND much of her life has been restored. Her family, her children, a career, and her health.  A picture of Jessica today does not hint of anything of her past. 

If you are in addiction, please reach out! Reach out to me if you want, I'll sit and listen, I'll talk to you, whatever it takes!

"Celebrating 4 years of sobriety from methamphetamines. I'm truly blessed and grateful for God pulling me out of the pits of hell. I went from losing myself, my husband, my children to DFCS, and everything I owned.... to gaining a relationship with Jesus, gaining full custody of my son, renewing my vows with my husband, reuniting with my daughter that was adopted at 5 months old, starting jail ministry, owning both of my cars, working on owning our own home and land. The possibilities are endless! Through Jesus Christ... EVERYTHING is possible! Jessica - Private Group KLOVE"

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