Eclipsing Everything Else


The 2024 solar eclipse dominated the news across the U.S. and Canada as people viewed thru special glasses, watched on the news & internet the movement in other cities.

The 2024 solar eclipse visibility in Southern California may not have had the spectacular 50%-99% diminishing of the sun's prominence other areas of the country had BUT we certainly had the best weather.  Many areas of the country had cloud cover and rain to mask the spectacular event but for those who went to the Pierce College observatory or locally Woodland Hills Camera to view thru a telescope it was a memorable event which no amount of AI could replicate, duplicate or even top.   

And surpassing the eclipse (eclipsing the eclipse) was the amazing comradery which blossomed among viewers on the sidewalk in front of Woodland Hills Camera where two telescopes were present outside! 

There was a couple from "the west side" who unpacked a telescope and other equipment  to SHARE with those who had heard about the store having a telescope available. He had previously bought it at the store with just the telescope alone valued at over $2500.  He shared his expertise, patience, and encouragement to people of all one thought about which lane they walked yesterday! 

Another gentleman had brought (or maybe Woodland Hills Camera supplied it) a monitor to view the telescope in addition to peeking into the scope.

Maybe you didn't know it but taking a picture of the sun, even while wearing safety glasses, can ruin your camera lens and similarly your phone.  A gentleman had driven down from Sacramento for the better weather of the San Fernando Valley and heard about Woodland Hills Camera's event. He shared his safety lens for cell phones, purchased at Best Buy for +$20, which allowed passersby to take a picture with their cell phone.

The enthusiasm of Farah, owner of Woodland Hills Camera since 1986, for all the visitors to the event was hopefully reciprocated in people returning to support this store which has been in Woodland Hills since 1956!

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