Air Drying Sheets & Garments in the SFV


An episode of the Ophrah network show about outdoor drying of sheets, included her inhaling the fresh air scent permeating her bedsheets, reminiscent of her childhood.

We have more days in the year, than most parts of the country, with warm & dry weather allowing a successful and very short timeframe for our sheets to dry.  We also have a large number of energy conscious statements and incentives from municipalities and utility companies which encourage and sometimes mandate us to conserve and lower our use of gas & electricity. Additionally, there are many garment tags which specify to hang dry. So why don't people air dry their clothes and/or sheets in the SFV?

  • Energy...their own
    • Effort to put up the wet garments & linens 
    • Conversely to pull down the dried items without touching the ground
  • Dust and pollen
  • Car exhaust residue
    • Which really only comes into play if you are near a freeway or major road
  • Space
    • Flailing sheets can come in contact with adjacent structures and become dirty
    • A balcony only works if you have some height - or a smaller rack and a warmer day
  • HOA regulations
    • "Unless otherwise approved by declarant, no clothes, sheets, blankets, or other articles shall be hung out to dry or for any other purpose on any pa of said property excepting in a yard enclosed by a lattice or wood fence or other enclosure, approved by the Architectural Committee, at least six inches higher than such hanging articles." (Hidden Hills)
    •  Clothesline Bans Void in 19 States - Sightline Institute

Hanging Clothes Outdoors: 

Hang Dry Week - Hang Dry

Hanging Clothes Indoors: 

But if you do decide to dry your sheets indoors, be aware there are many who suggest it can create odors (moisture, mold) and caution should be exercised to not place the items too close to a heating register, element.

"The best approach to dry bed sheets without a dryer is to let them dry at room temperature indoors, place them close to a heater/vent, or use a hairdryer. It is not recommended to air dry your bed sheets as this can lead to a bad odor depending on where it is hung." How To Dry Bed Sheets Without A Dryer (And What to Use!) - (

The Alternative to Hanging Clothes to Dry

Don't. But say you do so you look "cool"

  • Use a laundromat
  • Use a family member or friend's machine 
    • Until they ask for compensation
    • Until they call you on your lack of consistency in your save-energy mantra
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