You Cannot Make an Omelette Without Breaking Eggs


While some would concentrate on the intent of this phrase, to press forward, we are going to suggest yes press forward, beyond  mistakes and success,  make an omelette but don't neglect to save the egg shells for the garden!

Eggshells are an incredible resource to add nutrients in the soil. Obviously calcium which in the notorious depleted clay soil of the San Fernando Valley is a boon. But it also helps aerate that same clay soil which is ready to exact its to the detriment of most plants. 

Placing your seeds in the emptied egg shell cup along with quality potting soil will produce not only a stronger seedling but also the easiest means to move it to its new home.  

Puncture a small hole at the base of the egg cup. Some online instructions suggest you wash the eggs, to eliminate odors, we didn't and perhaps there were some odors or perhaps that was the return of car exhaust after 2 years of reduced traffic. Nevertheless, we were pleased with the results: A stronger seedling  compared to other efforts at the same time juncture.

See our seedlings?  Yes, we use plastic boxes which have air holes and previously held store bought fruits or vegetables. But focus in on our seedlings in their capsules.

Don't toss out those egg shells. Intact they are outstanding to start your seeds. Broken they enrich the soil.

By the way that encouraging maxim, proverb, phrase, originated in 1742 and is attributed to François de Charette,  a noted French military officer.. Originally : On ne  saurait faire d'omelette sans casser des œufs it is later attributed to the questionably ethical Maximilian Robespierre in 1790 as a means to move forward and justify continuation of  the French Revolution that had begun the year before.

Resources for gardening assistance specific to the San Fernando Valley.

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