969 California Patents Week 26 - Adjacent to SFV


This week there were 969 patents issued to California companies and/or inventors; including a mattress to aid bed sore prevention! Fourteen were adjacent to the San Fernando Valley.

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  1. US 12,016,514 B1 VACUUM CLEANER HEAD Marc Smith, Thousand Oaks, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12016514-20240625.html
  2. US D1,032,270 S WATER CHILLER AND WATER FOUNTAIN Lance Hussey, Thousand Oaks, CA (US); Zeke Johnson, Los Angeles, CA (US); Shushuo Wu, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (US); Ben LaBelle, San Diego, CA (US); Joshua Linn, Carson City, NV (US); and Dean Porter, Reno, NV (US) Assigned to Haws Corporation, Sparks, NV (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/USD1032270-20240625.html
  3. US 12,022,602 B2 DEFENSE MECHANISM AGAINST DIRECTED-ENERGY SYSTEMS BASED ON LASER INDUCED ATMOSPHERIC OPTICAL BREAKDOWN Jeffrey H. Hunt, Thousand Oaks, CA (US) Assigned to THE BOEING COMPANY, Arlington, VA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12022602-20240625.html
  4. US 12,021,490 B2 PRE-AMPLIFICATION CONDITIONING CIRCUIT FOR A TRANSDUCER AUDIO DEVICE Aron Michael Rosenberg, Lafayette, CA (US); Darrell Hayes, Westlake Village, CA (US); Matthew Fumio Yamamoto, Moorpark, CA (US); and Tyler Copeland Barkley, Oak Park, CA (US) Assigned to Logitech Europe S.A., Lausanne (CH) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12021490-20240625.html
  5. US 12,019,446 B2 FILTER FOR NOISE REDUCTION IN DETECTION IN REMOTE SENSING SYSTEMS Cheh-Ming Jeff Liu, Thousand Oaks, CA (US); and Alexander Charles Standridge, Westlake Village, CA (US) Assigned to GM Cruise Holdings LLC, San Francisco, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12019446-20240625.html
  6. US 12,019,144 B2 FREQUENCY DIVISION MULTIPLEXING WITH POLYPHASE SHIFTERS Zhengzheng Li, Agoura Hills, CA (US); and Christopher D. Gianelli, Michigan City, IN (US) Assigned to Aptiv Technologies AG, Schaffhausen (CH) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12019144-20240625.html
  7. US 12,019,067 B2 INTERFEROMETRY BASED SYSTEMS TO DETECT SMALL MASS CHANGES OF AN OBJECT IN A SOLUTION Kayvan Niazi, Agoura Hills, CA (US); and Krsto Sbutega, Redondo Beach, CA (US) Assigned to NantBio, Inc., Culver City, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12019067-20240625.html
  8. US 12,018,844 B1 Michael B. Carmona, Agoura Hills, CA (US) Filed by Michael B. Carmona, Agoura Hills, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12018844-20240625.html
  9. US 12,018,394 B1 THIN-WALLED HIGH TEMPERATURE ALLOY STRUCTURES VIA MULTI-MATERIAL ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING Tobias A. Schaedler, Oak Park, CA (US); and John H. Martin, Ventura, CA (US) Assigned to HRL LABORATORIES, LLC, Malibu, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12018394-20240625.html
  10. US 12,018,073 B2 ANTAGONISTS TARGETING THE TGF-Β PATHWAY Margaret Karow, Santa Rosa Valley, CA (US); Jackie Sheng, Thousand Oaks, CA (US); and Wei Zhang, Thousand Oaks, CA (US) Assigned to GENSUN BIOPHARMA, INC., Newbury Park, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12018073-20240625.html
  11. US 12,018,016 B2 ARYL SULFONYL (HYDROXY) PIPERIDINES AS CCR6 INHIBITORS Penglie Zhang, Foster City, CA (US); Daniel R. Marshall, San Mateo, CA (US); Howard S. Roth, Sunnyvale, CA (US); Aubrie Harland, Redwood City, CA (US); Ju Yang, Palo Alto, CA (US); Christopher W. Lange, Hayward, CA (US); Rebecca M. Lui, Mountain View, CA (US); and Antoni Krasinski, Sunnyvale, CA (US) Assigned to AMGEN INC., Thousand Oaks, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12018016-20240625.html
  12. US 12,017,996 B2 SUBSTITUTED QUINOLINES AND FORMULATIONS THEREOF Dawei Zhang, Thousand Oaks, CA (US) Assigned to Jiangsu Medolution Ltd, Taizhou (CN) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12017996-20240625.html
  13. US 12,017,901 B2 AUTOMATED BEVERAGE DISPENSING SYSTEM AND METHOD Nicholas Michael Degnan, Redondo Beach, CA (US); Arthur Francois David Levy, Culver City, CA (US); Robert William Lyle, Simi Valley, CA (US); Joseph Park, Plano, TX (US); Aaron Thomas, Louisville, KY (US); Karl Thomas Szatrowski, Louisville, KY (US); Won Suk You, Whittier, CA (US); Elvis Junior Palma, Harbor City, CA (US); and Sze Wun Wong, West Covina, CA (US) Assigned to YUM Connect, LLC, Louisville, KY (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12017901-20240625.html
  14. US 12,017,687 B2 Andrea Pedretti, Thousand Oaks, CA (US); and William Tod Gross, Pasadena, CA (US) Assigned to Energy Vault, Inc., Westlake Village, CA (US) https://patentsgazette.uspto.gov/week26/OG/html/1523-4/US12017687-20240625.html
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